IWS, Inc. is an information commerce company founded in 2005 that has become a leader in online people data, delivering comprehensive information about individuals, their histories and their connections to others. We pride ourselves on providing consumers and businesses with the information needed to make everyday decisions with confidence.

What we do

We offer cloud-based solutions through our desktop and mobile applications. On desktop, IWS customers quickly and easily access detailed profile reports on individuals. Our reports and services range from basic people search results to detailed background reports to a comprehensive identity theft protection service.


How we do it

IWS has access to many of the world's most extensive databases and public record repositories. Our robust technology enables us to gather billions of public records annually from a multitude of government and professional entities and assign them to more than 225 million unique people. IWS then ensures a quick retrieval and delivery to customers – allowing them to instantly find the individual they are looking for. Currently, IWS services 1 million+ monthly requests for access to its databases.  

Delano, MN

Email: support@innovativewebsolutions.org